How to Join APM

Step 1: Receive an Invitation

Students will be invited to initiate if one of the following qualifications are fulfilled:
  • Student is junior-standing according to credits, and is in the top fifth of the junior class according to GPA
  • Student is senior-standing according to credits, and is in the top third of the senior class according to GPA

Step 2: Fulfill Initiation Criteria

The following criteria must be met in order to become an official member of Alpha Pi Mu:

  • Each initiate must attend all general assemblies throughout the semester. If an initiate gives prior notification of a legitimate reason for missing a general assembly, they may be excused from attending up to two times a semester.
  • Each initiate shall pay the lifetime membership dues of $80.
  • Each initiate shall complete write an article for each BluePrint edition (typically twice a semester). 
  • Each initiate must accumulate 10 points by attending events and activities sponsored by this chapter. These requirements are summarized in the file attached below. These points should be spread across two semesters (which may or may not be consecutive) such that 5 points are accumulated each semester as follows:
    • Each initiate shall attend at least one social event.
    • Each initiate shall attend at least one community service event.
    • Each initiate shall attend at least one professional development event.
    • Each initiate shall tutor at least two tutoring sessions. 
  • Each initiate shall attend Initiation at the end of their second semester of initiation. This is an absolute requirement and cannot be made up. An initiate who has completed all other requirements but misses Initiation will not become a member of Alpha Pi Mu. The initiate must wait until the following term to initiate or attend the initiation of another chapter.
Elizabeth Ettleson,
Oct 31, 2016, 6:56 AM